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Phone: 702-496-0165.

Thank you for your interest in our training programs.

We offer concealed weapon and private coaching classes. Please call for details.

Please check our calendar for upcoming class dates.

We also do private and semi-private classes. Please call for details on any questions about our classes or training.

About Us

StarFire Tactical is a new, full service firearm academy serving Mohave County residents and visitors! We offer NRA certified courses in basic firearm safety, home and personal defense, recreational rifle & shotgun safety and shooting.

Mission Statement:

The mission of StarFire Tactical is to teach the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe and responsible use of firearms by civilians for sporting purposes or self defense, and to instill the confidence and competence required to prevail before, during and after a deadly force encounter.

We are Northern Arizona’s only Armed Security Guard training facility with classes in armed and unarmed security and the annual required recertification courses.

StarFire Tactical Training Videos