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StarFire Tactical is the only firearm training facility serving Mohave County, at the Tri State Shooting Park. We offer Concealed Weapon Permit classes for Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Virginia and Florida and referrals for Nevada classes.  Armed Self Defense and NRA firearm safety training classes for pistol, rifle and shotgun.  We are an Arizona Armed and Unarmed Security Officer Certification and Training center and offer private firearm coaching.

Please check our calendar for upcoming class dates.

Please call for details on any questions about our classes or training.

Phone: 702-496-0165.

Course Overview

These are the classes you will remember for the rest of your life and that may save your life or the lives of those you are responsible for!

CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT AND ARMED DEFENSE:  We teach the “Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry” for Arizona, Utah, Florida and our certificates are also accepted by Colorado, Florida, Virginia and other states as proof of training.  This is the “must have” course for anyone contemplating carrying a weapon for defense.

ARMED DEFENSE FOR CIVILIANS:  We teach a three course series of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced armed self defense.  No fancy course titles – just the solid foundational skill training you need to survive and prevail in a defensive incident.  The basic class is designed to teach someone new to firearms to shoot safely, confidently and competently.  As we move into the Intermediate level we incorporate drawing from holstered, multiple targets, rapid fire, etc.  The Advanced course brings it all together with timed stress fire, “road rage” incidents shooting from and around vehicles, and live night fire using lights and lasers.

NRA FIREARM SAFETY AND DEFENSE:  We offer all the NRA certified courses in firearm safety, home and personal defense, rifle & shotgun safety and recreational shooting.

ARMED GUARDS:  We are Northern Arizona’s only Armed Security Guard training facility with classes in armed and unarmed security and annual required re-certifications.

PRIVATE CLASSES:  We offer private and semi-private classes if our schedule doesn’t fit yours. Please call to discuss your needs.

NRA INSTRUCTOR TRAINING:  We will be offering NRA Instructor training in the fall of 2015.

Mission Statement:

The mission of StarFire Tactical is to teach the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe and responsible use of firearms by civilians for sporting purposes or self defense, and to instill the confidence and competence required to prevail before, during and after a deadly force encounter.

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