Armed Defense & CCW Classes for Civilians!

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LEOSA – HR218 Law Enforcement CCW:  We are an authorized qualification exam center for LE officers certified under the Federal LEOSA – HR218 CCW permit. 

Small Group and Private Classes:  If you are visiting for only a few days or you can’t attend a scheduled class we offer private classes for 1-3 students to fit your schedule.  Our goal is to help you gain the training, skills and knowledge you need.

NRA Instructor Marathons:  Coming in November 2016! Take one or ALL the NRA classes from Basic through Instructor and learn to teach others in your area!

StarFire Tactical is the only dedicated NRA, civilian defense and security officer training facility serving Fort Mohave, Bullhead City and all Mohave County, AZ with range facilities at the Tri-State Shooting Park. We own our facility and work with our affiliated local gun stores to bring quality training to the Tri-State region.  We offer Concealed Weapon Permit classes for Arizona and Utah, and teach StarFire propitiatory and NRA armed self defense and firearm safety classes for pistol, rifle and shotgun.  We are the regional Arizona Security Officer and LEOSA Qualification Center.

We don’t just teach you to shoot – you learn to “Run your Gun!”  We teach the safety fundamentals, legal knowledge, operational skills, and mature, responsible attitude to safely, effectively, confidently, competently and legally protect and defend yourself and those you are responsible for!

Class dates and times subject to change based upon enrollment. Please call with any questions prior to enrolling or paying online.

Phone: 702-496-0165.

Course Overview

These are the classes you will remember for the rest of your life! Our dynamic instruction is intense, in-depth and informative!  Safety is fundamental and stressed at all times!

CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT CLASSES:  This is the “must have” legal knowledge course for anyone contemplating carrying a weapon for defense.  We teach the “Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry” for Arizona and Utah.   Our certificates are also accepted by Florida, Virginia, Colorado and several other states as proof of training.

ARMED DEFENSE FOR CIVILIANS:  We teach a three course series of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced armed self defense.  No fancy course titles – no “drill sergeant” mentality – just the solid foundational skill training you need to survive and prevail in a defensive incident. We also offer half-day specialty clinics such as “road rage,” “red-dot,” and “night fire!”

ARIZONA SECURITY GUARD CLASSES:  We are Northern Arizona’s only Armed Security Guard training facility with classes in armed and unarmed security and annual or bi-annual required re-certifications.  We also offer Security Shotgun and Basic Patrol Rifle.

PRIVATE AND SMALL GROUP CLASSES:  We offer private instruction and semi-private classes to fit your schedule.  Please call to discuss your specific needs.

ARMORER / GUN REPAIR CLASSES:  Starting in September 2015 we will be offering Basic Armorer classes for Glock, 1911 and AR15.  These affordable 1/2 day classes will teach you how to completely detail strip your listed firearms to the frame for cleaning, minor repairs or basic upgrades.  Please watch our calendar for upcoming class dates!

PERSONAL SAFETY SEMINARS FOR RETAIL AND REAL ESTATE:  We offer 1-2 hour seminars tailored to Real Estate Professionals and Landlords, and  Retail employees.   This is “must have” knowledge for these high risk businesses.  Topics include risk recognition, confrontation avoidance, risks and liabilities.   Legal aspects of self defense.   Safe zones and ballistic shields.  Unarmed defensive response and escape plans.  Active shooter or employment violence mitigation.  Pros and cons of armed defense and training options.  Aftermath management and more.

LEGAL ASPECTS OF ARMED ENGAGEMENT SEMINAR:  This is a 2 hour seminar designed to introduce the legal aspects of self defense and how to protect yourself from arrest and lawsuits.  Topics include pertinent laws and their application,  rules of engagement and evidence, prior knowledge, justification, witness and post incident scene management, what to say to police and when to shut up!

The classes listed above are not NRA approved courses. 

NRA CERTIFIED FIREARM SAFETY AND DEFENSE COURSES:  We offer NRA firearm safety and defense courses, to include Basic Pistol “Phase II,” Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home and Certified Range Safety Officer. These classes are designed to provide the student with the skills, knowledge and attitude for safe recreational or defensive shooting as taught exactly to the NRA national curriculum standards.  These courses are recommended for students seeking NRA training credentials.

NRA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR TRAINING COURSES:  We offer Basic Instructor Training (BIT) Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Instructor, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home and Chief Range Safety Officer.  These classes are designed to provide the Instructor Candidate with the skills, knowledge and attitude to TEACH safe recreational or defensive shooting as taught exactly to the NRA national curriculum standards.  These courses are recommended for students seeking NRA Instructor credentials. Instructor Candidates are expected to know how to safely handle firearms and shoot accurately.

Mission Statement:

The mission of StarFire Tactical is to teach the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitude for the safe and responsible use of firearms by civilians for self defense, recreational  or sporting purposes, and to instill the confidence and competence required to survive and prevail before, during and after a deadly force incident.